Environment: Act Before it's too Late



  ● U.S. ranks last among our peers on Environmental Performance Index (EPI)  

  ● We generate 4.4 pounds of garbage a day.

  ● 15% of the energy we produce comes from renewable sources

●  24% of the energy CHINA produces that comes from renewable sources

Why should I care?

Renewable energy will build the vehicles and the cities of tomorrow.  When we embrace this change, we will set the trends and be a hub of innovation. 

What does this mean for you?

 It means economic growth.

 It means more jobs.

It means higher wages.


Let’s Do This!


Solar, wind, renewable energy, these are not just nice ideas, they are essential to the growth of our country.   Yes, the earth is warming. Yes, we played a major role in that, but let’s set that aside.  Let’s set aside that much of the eastern seaboard could be wiped out.  Ignoring all that, we will still be better off pursuing addressing climate change.  Why? We are at our best when we tackle large issues; when we pursue larger than life projects.  That’s what brings us together and forges a national identity.  Was it Democrats that landed on the moon?  Republicans who built Hoover Dam?  No, it was Americans.  In our quest for small government, we are losing our identity as a nation and dividing into tribes.  We need to tackle climate change not just for the health of our planet, but for the survival of our nation.