Guns: A Call to Action

gun image.jpg

Gun stats for th United States:

  ● 38,000 number of gun deaths in 2017  

  ● 344 mass shootings in 2017

  ● 0 Number of Gun Laws passed in 2017

  ●  323,100,000  number of Americans who should be outraged

It is time to ACT.

We have wept.  We have yelled.  We have thrown our hands up in frustration.  Again and again we see the faces of children, mothers, fathers and teachers who have been gunned down.  They lay lifeless on the ground at a concert in Las Vegas.  At a School in Florida.  

We have asked Congress to act.  Get rid of bump stocks.  Require background checks on all gun sales.  These meager requests have been met with silence.  Not one gun law was passed in 2017.  90% of Americans approve of the law I just stated, but one lobby does not.  The NRA has opposed even the most reasonable legislation and Politicians seeking their cash and approval have dutifully obeyed their dictates.

It is time we act.  Not with cries and requests that will go unanswered. 

Let us respond at the voting booth.  Vote out these self-serving politicians who have been bought and paid for by the gun lobby.  

Let us respond by knocking on doors and making phone calls for a new breed of politician who has not been bought. 

Let us respond by opening up our wallets and check books to help fund these grass root campaigns.

Let us respond.  Washington, your days of corruption and arrogance are numbered.  There is a new bread of politicians that are coming and they will not be stopped.  You will not stop the blue wave.