Lets Cover everyone

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don't be fooled it can be done

You will hear that we can't fix our healthcare.  We've tried and it can't be done. DON'T GIVE IN.  We cannot afford not to fix this.  Every other industrialized nation has adopted some form of nationalized healthcare and they pay half the price that we pay.  They also see their doctor more, have higher life expectancy and every one is covered.  We tried this will Bill Clinton in the 90's and it failed.  This plan eliminates heath insurance companies so they worked to defeat it, we've been paying the price ever sense.  The Affordable Care Act tried to keep the insurance companies in tact and addressed the coverage problem and not the price issues.  This passed but it has not slowed the cost of Healthcare.  Bernie Sanders is proposing we do 'Medicare for All.'  This allows us to push out the insurance companies over time and create a national healthcare system.  Done right, we can cut our cost in half and increase the care of everyone.  This will eliminate the heath insurance industry and reduce the profits of drug companies.  They will fight this for all they are worth.  My question is are you will to stand with me and fight back?

economic impact

Think about it- how many people do you know that work for a company because of the healthcare coverage?  What if they were covered no matter what.  What then? They could work for the mom and pop store rather than a corporate giant.  They could create their own business and sell the hot sauce they always want to or open a day care. 

If you knew you would always be covered, you have less worry.  For the college grad, you can take any job you want, big or small.  You are covered.

Mom who always wanted to work for herself, quit your job and start that small business consulting on product design or pursue what ever passion you have.

90 year old husband and father of three, You worked hard all your life and saved up a modest amount you want to give to your kids. You no longer have to worry about spending every last dime on your care so you can qualify for medicaid. You don't need it, you're covered.  

We can do all this while cutting the cost of healthcare is half.  Insurance companies earn 22% of the premiums. Medicare on the other had takes 1%.  Drug cost?  Some charge us 10 time what they charge Canada- we stop this.  Emergency care- cut in half as people can see a doctor and don't have to wait until it becomes an emergency.  How do I know this will cut the price in half?  I know because that is the price England pays, Canada Pay, France pays, Germany pays and they all out rank us for results.  If they can do it, we can. let's get it done.