The issues we stand on define us as a person.  They define us as a community. They define us as a country.  While politics have grown more divisive, solutions have grown scarce.  It is time we go beyond the names and labels and look at what works. 



  • We pay twice what any other nation pays
  • we see our doctors less
  • We have worse healthcare outcomes
  • We fail to cover all our citizens.  

Medicare for all addresses these issues and can be done without increasing your taxes.

Any politician who says "This can't be done" needs a new job.  England did this. Germany did this.  Canada did this.  Every other industrialized nation on the earth did this.  We can too.



  • We rank 31 out of 35 industrialized nations for education
  • We pay 39% more that the other industrialized Nations.

We experimented with state sponsored charter schools and continue to fall behind.  We now send tax dollars to support corporate profits rather than students.  

  1. We need accountability
  2. We need free college
  3. We need to fix this 


Green energy is hard work.  We have the resources, the know how and the brightest minds in the world.  What we lack it the political will. 

The 2018 elections are right around the corner.  Men and Women with the will to implement policies that take us into the future are on the ballot.  Let's put them in office.  You can start with a vote for Mark Dent.