The issues we stand on define us as a person.  They define us as a community. They define us as a country.  While politics have grown more divisive, solutions have grown scarce.  It is time we go beyond the names and labels and look at what works. 



  • Child Poverty in Wooster 31%
  • 58,000 homeless college students
  • 47,000 homeless Vets

Poverty impacts us all. 

When we leave Americans behind and do not provide a hand up we pay a price. 

The price we pay is slower economic growth.  This means less jobs and lower pay. 

Firemans run.jpg

Unions and higher pay

Strong unions mean a strong United States. 

Unions fight for better pay and benefits this helps us all. This means more money stays in our communities. 

Strong unions means a better quality of life and stronger communitees.


Guns in America

  • In 2017- 38,000 Americans died from gun shoots.
  • 90% of Americans agree- background checks must be done
  • 0 Gun laws have passed in 2018. 

It has been said "guns don't kill people, people do"- well we regulate people, not guns.   

Members of Congress, if your vote is paid for by the NRA you do not belong in government.  It is time for you to go.