Gerrymandering: Rigging Election in the Modern Day


gerrymandering impacts yo.

  ● Gerrymandering elects more extreme candidates on both sides

  ● Because of more extremes candidates, little can be agreed on

  ● Government stops working for you

  ● Both sides blame the other side and elect even more extreme candidates to solve the problem

Why should I care?

Dysfunctional partisan government is ripe for corruption and allows politicians to take positions that the majority of Americans would reject.  We cannot have reasonable gun laws because of a small group of voters having disproportional influence.  One Party would not address issues on healthcare when Obama was president because fixing things might make the Democrats look good.  Now it can't be fix because any real solution does not fit with the dogma of the extreme elements of the controlling party. 

These issues and many more are a direct result of gerrymandering.  Making government work requires we work together.  This means we need all points of view not just the extreme. We fix this and government will work, this means-

 economic growth.

 It means more jobs.

It means higher wages.

Let’s Do This!

Wayne Dawkins wrote: “In America, voters don’t pick their politicians, politicians pick their voters.” This practice has led to the most divisive and unproductive Congress in the past 100 years.  It has enabled a few well-connected billionaires the ability to re-write the tax code to their liking as members of Congress cowered in fear that they would be cut off from their precious contributions.  Meanwhile, the campaign finance laws that are pass are used to favor one party over another and are often ineffective as institutions find ways around the laws.  Public funding of campaigns is a move in the right direction and will reduce but not eliminate the corruption so pervasive in politics.  We also need to remove the power of redistricting from politicians and give it to disinterested professionals who will be fair and impartial.  

Other solutions proposed for campaign reform often sound great, but I know in practice they are almost always ineffective, struck down by the courts or have some other fatally flaw.  We need to think outside of the box, and I am open to listening to new ideas on effective ways to combat this corrupting influence on our nation.